Fluxuator Dual Head 15mm / 22mm


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The Fluxuator is the ideal tool for every modern plumber. The measured release of the flux enables the user to work quickly, efficiently and safely.
It means you only need to turn the Fluxuator 90 degrees to dispense an even layer of flux all round the pipe .

We use the same cap that fits on top of the refill tube to fit on the end of the Fluxuator, preventing dirt from touching the bristles and allowing the plumber to simply throw the Fluxuator in his bag and move on.

The Fluxuator will put an end to messy pots and brushes. The Fluxuator will ensure the flux goes directly onto the pipe and not onto skin, or anywhere else.

No more messy looking fittings as the Fluxuator delivers the exact amount of flux to the pipe, making for a cleaner solder. Saving money, time and giving the user a neater looking job.

The dual head fits both 15mm and 22mm pipes. 1 x dual 15mm / 22mm bristle head 1 x removable brush and 1 x e75g tube of flux paste, enough for approx. 500 joints.(also available seperately)

Key Features: Self Cleaning Flux WRAS Approved Less Waste, saving time and money

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