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The key features of the Superfire blow torch are:

Multi Direction – unlike cheaper torches the Superfire 2 torch can be used at any angle, even upside down and has an adjustable and consistent flame.

Solid cast body – durable, robust and comfortable to handle Consistent heat – high temperatures of upto 1,750 °C with Propane and 1,950 °C with Mapp gas.

Gas type – both Mapp and Propane gas can be used with this torch Jet filtered – this means that you are not going to have a gas flow problem

Weight – the Superfire 2 torch weighs under 700g. if you spend a lot of your time soldering you do not want to handling a torch that is incredibly heavy.

Pipe size – the Superfire 2 torch and be used on copper pipework from 8mm upto 54mm.

Temperature concentration – the flame is adjustable with the turbine flame making the flame concentrated. Piezo ignition – meaning that it will automatically fire up instantly straight away and no lighter or matches required to ignite the flame.


The Rothenberger Mapp gas cylinder is a mix of gases for high-performance soldering or brazing work. The high flame temperatures guarantee maximum burning performance and faster worker times. Easy to use with increased user safety through sandwich valves and an aluminum mono-block cylinder. With extreme flame temperatures up to 2700°C and 25% hotter than propane. Compatible with the renowned Quick fire and Super fire 2.

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